Sean Morley paddling in British Columbia

The aim of this website is to enable you to discover and share the world of expedition sea kayaking from the comfort of your armchair. Even if you have never ‘enjoyed’ putting on cold, wet kayaking clothes day after day, never felt the need to paddle for 10 (or more) hours without getting out of your kayak or never fancied the idea of eating freeze dried food for a month, but enjoy reading about people that do, then this site is for you.

This site is a portal to a world of adventure through the sport of sea kayaking. It is also an opportunity for the sea kayaking community to share wisdom and experience. For the wannabe expedition kayaker it is a valuable resource to help you plan your first adventure. For the seasoned explorer it is a way to share your adventures with a wider audience and in so doing share your experience and knowledge gained and perhaps enable others to follow in your wake. As well as good karma, you will hopefully receive publicity that may attract the funding and support you’ll need for your next challenge.

Spot Tracker

SPOT Satellite Messenger, West Coast of Vancouver Island

So what ‘qualifies’ as an ‘expedition’ versus a kayak trip or holiday? It’s a good question open to interpretation but to qualify to be featured on this website, your trip would need to be something reasonably significant, something with a goal, something fairly unique. It doesn’t neccesarily need to be a ‘first’ or record setting but it needs to be something that takes the reader somewhere new, away from the crowds and sparks the imagination.

So please, send information about  expeditions you have done or a planning to do and let this website help you promote your achievements and allow others to enjoy your experiences vicariously without getting their feet wet!

Any comment or feedback is welcome and any contributions on the technical side of expedition kayaking are especially welcome.

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