Sea Kayak Brasil Expedition

In 2013, Luiz Felipe Buff is planning the first solo sea kayaking trip along the entire Brazilian coast, from the Southern tip, Barra do Chuí, to the farther North, the Cabo Orange Oiapoque. A distance of 7,500km he estimates it will take 11 months.

His website is in Portugeuse but there will be an English version soon.

Luiz explains:

“Since 2008 I have being planning to paddle the coast of Brasil. In January, 1st, 2013 I will start paddling, solo, from south to north the whole Brasilian coast. The ‘Sea Kayak Brasil Expedition – Kayaking For The Future’ will paddle along the longest beach on the planet (Praia do Cassino/RS/Brasil with more than 250km long, no protection, big surf, will cross the delta of the Amazon River, paddle along gigantic amazonic mangroves, but also will get a chance to visit hidden little corners and beaches on the Brasilian coast.”


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